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Handmade Wood Sculpture Buddha Head Figurine Indian Art Tibetan Figurine Crafts
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Description: This sculpture has been carved from a single piece of Kadam Wood. There is no joint or pasting in this figure. This is very fine piece of Buddha Head. This figurine has Hollow Chest.

Exquisitely serene, Buddha's quiet features take shape in kadam wood. The image rests on a lacy base carved in the Indian jali or cutout style. The beloved Lord's head is framed by a floral chakra, or wheel, creating the effect of a halo.


Kadam Wood


15 centimeters H x 10.5 centimeters W x 5.5 centimeters D


250 Grams


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Handmade Wood Sculpture Buddha Head Figurine Indian Art Tibetan Figurine Crafts

Handmade Wood Sculpture Buddha Head Figurine Indian Art Tibetan Figurine Crafts

Handmade Wood Sculpture Buddha Head Figurine Indian Art Tibetan Figurine Crafts

Handmade Wood Sculpture Buddha Head Figurine Indian Art Tibetan Figurine Crafts